Whether you are weighing your turkey or shoving 12 donuts down your throat...you got bondage. 
At some point in your life, you experienced a trauma. It could have been growing up with an alcoholic parent, or seeing someone die, or being sexually abused. Or maybe you are a first responder. Your mind and body and spirit experienced a disconnect and you sought to fill that "hole" with food, or drugs or alcohol or sex, shopping, sugar...(fill in the blank)  But food is the safest...right? No, wrong. 
We are here to help you be FREE. The first step is to turn the learning centers of your brain back on, so you have the capacity to learn and to love again....most importantly...love yourself!
21 days of using modalities will create new neuropathways. Click below and get your FREE download to get you started. 

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Did you know.... 
There are 141 benefits of meditation; mind, body and spirit?
including: slows aging(whaaat? sign me up!)
boosts serotonin~ (get off those meds!)
More energy
Better sleep
Turns learning centers of the brain back on (you get out of fight or flight)
no more anxiety
no more depression!
21 days of practice equals all benefits plus more above!
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